Week 25~

Dear family,
It is now October. Where did the last month go? It feels like it’s been a year and a few days all at the same time.

We baptized Italo! Happy day! It was pretty exciting, in more ways than one. They’re doing construction here on the roads to replace the water pipes (like in PG a few years ago). They had been working on the roads surrounding the church, and turned the water off for a few days. We went to the church to fill the font, and no water came. Another interesting note: no water would drain from the font either. So the water that was left in there from a baptism the previous week (other elders) was still in the font. It was quite gross. So Elder Mita and I got buckets, asked a member named Antony to help us, and began draining the font into the toilets of the girl’s bathroom. It was pretty strenuous. But here’s the amazing thing: Before we “put our shoulder to the wheel,” I knelt down and prayed.
I didn’t pray for the water to drain, or that we could get water. I prayed that I would receive the strength I would need, to drain the font, through the Atonement. Then I got up, and we drained it. It took about an hour or so, and it was pretty strenuous, but I didn’t get tired. I was swetty and gross, but I wasn’t exhausted like I would have been. I felt a push, a sort of strength that helped me. I know the power of the Atonement is real. Through it we can be forgiven of our sins, and become clean, but we can also do so much more than that with it. Elder Bednar has a talk about the Enabling Power of the Atonement in a Liahona (I don’t remember which). I suggest you read it.

After it was drained, we were going to bring water in from a near by house, but Antony told us that they’d turn the water back on at 6:00. So, we returned at 6:00, and lo and behold, there was water. The baptism went on as planned, and it was quite excellent. Italo’s whole family was there (They’re all less actives except for his older brother)! And they all attended Church the next day as well! I had the amazing opportunity to confirm him a member and give him the Holy Ghost.
We also had the most people attend Church yesterday than I had ever seen. We had members, less actives, and investigators. We ran out of seats at the end, so Elder Mita and I stood in the foyer.

So, that was pretty exciting.

On another note,
GENERAL CONFERENCE, It’s a wonderful feeling. General Conference, comes twice a year!
It’s this week! How amazing is that! It’s pretty much going to be one of the best things ever. You should all go to the conference center for one of the sessions as a family so I can see you when the congregation sings. 🙂 Prepare for it, because God’s Prophet is going to talk, and it will be heavenly! Make sure you make pancakes Jeffrey!

Mom, There are many one way streets in Peru. The description you gave of Brazil is just about the same here. but they only make the front of the houses look nice. 🙂
My feet are fine! That Sombra stuff works miracles. (Uncle Dan and Aunt Carol!) My shoos are good, except for one pair. I think it’s getting too small. What happens when that happens? Since it’s from Mr. Mac I can get a larger replacement pair, ¿sí?
We have a light breakfast, a heavy lunch and a medium dinner. We only eat lunch with members on the weekends. And there is rice at every meal after breakfast, but not beans. Rice and Rice…. eevveerryywwhheerree…. I think Matthew can relate. 😀 ((Yes, yes I can, lol))

I love you all! I probably forgot to write something, but that’s okay, I think.
I love you Jeffrey! You have been an amazing example to me with your letters and your support. You too Matthew! I can now understand a little of the whole “I served a mission” phrase. (There is a LOT packed into those four words)

Tell everyone that I love them, and give hugs in my behalf.

-Love, Elder Law #3


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