Week 26

!HOla FAmiliA¿
So, conference was pretty much amazing. There is SO much more I learned this conference than any other before hand. It all went by so fast! We all went to a stake center here for all the sessions. There were hardly anyone Saturday, but then there were TONS of people Sunday morning. Elder Worsham and I got to watch it in English, so I was quite excited.
Elder Oaks talk about children left quite the impression. And Scott D whiting’s talk about Temples. There should be no doubt that the Temple is the house of God. Therefore, there should be no doubt who enters the Temple. Our bodies are a Temple, therefore, there should be no doubt what we allow into our temples (not just physically). So good! Craig C. Christensen’s talk about the Holy Ghost was quite amazing, and Shane M. Bowen’s talk was so sad, but very powerful.
Did all the guys hear President Monson’s talk? The phrase he repeated, quite clearly at that, twice for emphasis? A WOMAN NEEDS TO BE TOLD SHE IS BEAUTIFUL. Elder Hollands talk was quite powerful, and I really hope that I never delay a prompting. “Ask the Missionaries! They can help you!” Elder Worsham and I were smiling about that. 🙂
Richard D. Scott’s talk, I thought that was a TJ talk. Are you doing Grandma’s Temple names TJ? 🙂
Elder Eyring’s talk about gifts was really good. I liked it a lot.
Personally, I thought a lot of conference, at least the saturday sessions, were about the family, and children. Very good.
One last thought, “If the Savior were beside you, what would you do?”

And what about the change in age for serving a mission? We were shocked. 18?! That’s so YOUNG! wow. And for the young women! That’s crazy! Pretty much there will be an influx of missionaries around the world.
And there is a new Temple in Peru!! We have a sister missionary here from Ataquipa, and she started crying when the announcement was made.

Yeah. Conference is incredible. Drink it in! Don’t take it for granted. And if you can send me the next conference Ensign, that’d be nice. 🙂

In other news, we have a baptism scheduled for this Saturday. Hna. Manola (87 años) will be baptized! Whoo! She finally accepted. I was quite excited, and didn’t really believe it at first to be honest. Unfortunately we still haven’t been able to see Omero or his wife. But we did find another man, Johnathan, who was interested in the Plan of Salvation and repentence. (Crossing my fingers)

Ana is working at Walmart. Qué chevere. 🙂 How’s Drew doing? Tell him I say Hi!

Quiestion: What’s Skylar’s mission address? I never got it.

I love you ALL! Have a fantastic post-Conference week! Make sure you listen to those talks, because they’re all quite amazing.
-Elder Law


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