Week 6, More Pictures!

Hola from Peru!
So, on Saturday, we went proselyting in Central Lima again. We went to follow-up on the two women we taught last week, but neither of them were home. So then we ended up doing some trackting. We didn’t have any book of mormons we could give out to people, but we did have some panflets. Elder Aranya and I street contacted some people. People sitting on benches are a great target: they can’t run away when you start talking to them. 😀 We contacted one lady in the street who, at first, seemed drawn back, like she didn’t want to talk to us. By the end of our little visit, she seemed to have a light to her. it was quite the experience.
 I leave the CCM in three weeks. Yep, in three weeks, I’ll be out in the field, up in Chiclayo, doing LEGIT proselyting. The other Latino Elders, and all Americans not in my district, left to the field yesterday. I get a new latino companion for the next three weeks: Elder Molina. We haven’t been able to converse yet because we’ve got our own schedules today.
My district and I went out and took a tour of Lima Central today. It was quite fantastic. We visited the museum down here and saw some pretty cool Peru stuff, then went to a “bazzar” where we got sachels and coin pouches. Coins are a pretty big thing down here. Unlike the US where coins aren’t worth hardly anything, their coins have got worth: instead of getting bills for 1, 2 or 5 Soles, I’ve got coins. I haven’t seen any bills below 10 solaces yet. The Pizza Hut down here is fantastic. Unlike gross american Pizza Hut, it’s amazing Peruvian Pizza Hut quality, and it doesn’t have any greese.
Love you family!
-Elder Law #3
P.S. Here are some pictures.

Week 5 – Pictures!

So Elder Law the third sent pictures with this last week along with his weekly email, and here they all are:

What, you’d like a description of them? Ok, lol. (These are all his descriptions)

1. Elder Perry and Me (first companionship)
2. Elder Perry, Elder Cornia and Me (Trio)
3. Trio again
4. Us when we got off the plane in Peru at 1:30 A.M.
5. Elder Wallace and Me (North American)
6. Elder Aranya (pronounced Auhd-aun-yah) and Me
7. thumbs up!
8. may the force be with you
9. no words needed

Week 5

Hello family! (Wow, it has been quite a while since I used that word)
You cut down the tree in the back yard?! Wphaaa??! That’s really funny how you recorded the ground. 😀 it is going to look so bizzare when I get home. … “SUPRISE!”
Yeah, I play the violin all the time over here. It’s pretty spunky. I just play out of the hymn book. There’s one other missionary that “plays” piano and I don’t usually play with him. I don’t practice, really. I just whip the violin out and PLAY. I don’t think you need to send me music. I should be good. 🙂
SO,  we went proselyting on Saturday last week! LOVE! But I’ll be honest, all that morning I was scared out of my mind. I kept thinking of random stuff that could happen, like getting bitten by a dog or getting hit by a car. And then what if someone starts to talk to me, and I don’t respond, then they get all angry and stuff because I can’t talk to them and they think that all missionaries are crazy Americans and walk away with some funky stereotype?! But then, as we all got on the bus and headed toward Central Lima, I just got more and more excited. Who care’s if I don’t speak Spanish very well? I do! But I was excited anyways!
One of the leaders in Provo told us, When we get out into our missions, make it a goal to make AT LEAST one person smile. Even if they reject the church and think all mormons are stupid, tell them a joke and get them smiling. That was my goal by the time we got into Central Lima.
We were asked to go meet with some less active members. On the way between appartments, I smiled and said “¡Hoola!” to anyone I met eye contact with. Most of the people we were supposed to meet had moved. We did get to meet with two people though. We talked, or should I say my companion talked, and I bore my testimony when told. I wanted to convey how important it is to go to Church, and hopefully the people we talked to went. 🙂
I’m so excited to be able to go tracting this Saturday and place some Book of Mormons. WHOO! I still won’t be able to say very much, but hey, who cares.
I love you family! Tell me how London and Thailand were! Tell me how Brazil is Jeffrey!
-Elder Missionary #3 Law

Elder Law Week 4

((Eldest Law Brother: Sorry I didn’t get this up til just now, I was actually in thailand for the last week and a half visiting My mission. ^.^ Here is last week’s letter, and this weeks will be up in a sec with Pictures!))

Mother! It is your day! Your day to be HAPPY! =D
The mission president has allowed everyone to write their Mother’s today since we can’t call.

I thought it would be cool for me to write you the “Mother, I love you” song in Spanish. It doesn’t quite flow like the english version, but it’s still a great song.

Madre, te amo
1. Madre, te amo con toda el alma. Del cielo Dios me ha mandado a ti. Cuando estás cerca escuchar quieto tus dulces cantos de amor para mí.
2. Madre, te amo con toda el alma. Quiero ayudarte porque te amo, sí. Obedecerte quiero y verte siempre felíz porque te amo a ti.
Madre, te amo, te quiero a ti.

The song means a lot more in Spanish that it does in English, I think. The word choise in Spanish is very particular. It’s using only the most friendly, personal grammar; The kind of words you’d use only when talking to a very close family member, someone you love dearly.

Mother’s Day is about as big here as it is in the US. Yesterday when we went procelyting in Central Lima, there were sales and other fancy stuff going on for the holiday. Oh, and there was this fancy thing going on in the main square with a whole ton of soldiers performing a march. I suppose it was for the special holiday. I’ll tell you more of my experience in the city on Wednesday, but for now I’ll say is was way awesome. At first, honestly, I was really scared. Legitly scared to go out and speak Spanish to these people in a different county, different cultre, different language. But as we got out there, I grew to love it more and more and more. I could really only bear my testimony in Spanish, but I tried to covey as much love as I could in the few words I could speak. We only visited less active members. I can’t wait until next week when we get to go trackting and give people Book of Mormons.

Thank you for everything you do Mom! You’ve taught me so much. Thanks for showing me how to iron shirts right before I left, it has helps knowing how to iron. 😀

THANK YOU FOR TEACHING ME VIOLIN! I play the violin all the time down here. President Cardon’s wife teaches violin, and let’s me borrow her student violin all the time for musical numbers in various meetings. I never thought I’d be sharing my talent as much as I do. I give my credit to you. 🙂

Good luck with your calling in the ward. I can only imagine how much fun it will be for you getting to know all the sisters personally. The Lord is very wise in calling you to this position, and I’m sure he’s expecting excellent work from you. 🙂

I’ve got to go. My time is up. Love you Mom!
I’ll write on Wednesday, AND, I’ll email pictures. YAY! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!
Did you have the Mother’s day breakfast this morning? Those were always the best. 🙂

I love you Mom!

Week 3

So, I’m in Peru! I was excited to get to sit next to a non-member and talk to them about the Book of Mormon and all that, but on both flights, the person I sat next to was a member. What are the odds? One guy served his mission in Texas, and the other woman lives in Utah and is visiting her family in Peru. We got to the MTC at 2:00 this morning with a few other missionaries from Mexico.
Lima is pretty interesting. It’s like a mix between old run-down buildings/cars and new schnazzy buildings/cars. Kinda like how oil “mixes” with water, that’s what it seems like down here. At least at first glance.
Sorry Mom! I didn’t write a letter while I was in Atlanta. I’ll have to get one written and mail it to you as soon as possible.
I’m sorry I’m not writing much. I’ll prepare more next week on P-Day.
I know Joseph Smith is a Prophet, and I know that he restored the church in these days. He translated the Book of Mormon through the direction of God.
The Church is a message of Joy and happiness! So, “Work hard, love, and laugh a lot.”
Happy Birthday Mom! Love you so much!
-Elder Law