Week 36

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

Eeeevry where you look.

(Well, not so much here. there’s no snow!)

My dearest family,
You didn’t get the Tree decorated until the 16th? ¡Qué es Eso?!
¡Apostacía! But I’ll come back to that in a bit.

First of all, Marleni… She didn’t read. or come to church. Ug. She’s
going a bit slow, or not at all, but we’re going to change that! We
read with her and helped her undersand the importance of reading the
Book of Mormon.
Virginia (I told you about her, right? She’s got 60 something years),
didn’t come to chruch with her husband. BUT, she still wants to be
baptized. Her huspand, Bartolomé, does not want to be baptized. At
least, not yet. He’s got a drinking problem and he’s afraid that he’ll
fall back into it after his baptism. We’re going to meet with him
often to help him get gospel streingth.
AND, we’ve been meeting with a family. I believe I’ve told you about
them as well. José, Angelica and their daughter Silvana? José wanted
to talk with us this past week, and we really got some good progress
with them. They’re not married, José and Angelica, but they want to be
married so they can be baptized. They came to church as a family and
enjoyed it.

It’s been really inspiring this week: We’ve been guided by the Holy
Ghost many times this week. We’d run into less actives we were trying
to meet going to someone else’s house. Our lessons have been very
guided by the Holy Ghost to teach to people’s needs. Good Stuff!

Now back to this apostacía. It can’t look anything like christmas if
you don’t have decorations up! And No Garland??? I’m flabbergasted.
What’s Jeffrey doing? Get him to work on the garland! I refuse to let
you all slack off because I’m down here in Perú. I expect to see quite
the spiffy Living Room next week! ;D

That’s great Matthew got an intern for the church! What is he doing?
I’d like to know. Have you all heard about the new youth program
they’ve got in the church? Jeffrey, I think you’ll be called as a
teacher for the youth. That’s just my thought.

Ahora, Next week:
I will use Skype. Plan on skyping at roughly 5:00 or 6:00. I can’t
give specifics now, but I will specify on Monday.

I got my packages!!! WHOO! But I got a yellow folder and a box. I’m
assuming the box has the rest? What can I open now, I don’t remember.
I recorded my reaction on my card for you to watch when I send my card
If you could get me a new card, that would be very nice. BECAUSE, I
found a violin!! Whoo! And it’s only 280 soles. About 120 dollars.

I love you all!! I’m excited for this Christmas season! (skype!)

-Elder Law


Week 35

On the Second week of Christmas, the Elder gave to me…

…An email para tí (for you)!
Dearest most bestest family, Merry 10th!
This week, we’ve been able to invite a lot of people to be baptized, and most accepted. One youth in particular, named Christain, is progressing pretty well. The only problem is that he hasn’t attended church (church attendance….) But he’s been reading the Book of Mormon, and likes when we visit. His father, Gilberto, we havn’t been able to see much, but he’s still interested. Another woman, named Marleni (I think I told you about her, right?) accepted a date to be baptized. But… didn’t attend church. SO, we’re going to work a bit more in that area, and keep her on the track to baptism.
We had two investigadors attend church. They’re grandparents named María and Bartolomé. They’re going to travel for Christmas, so we won’t be able to get a date until they return. BUT, some promesing stuff!
Christmas is getting pretty big here. People have got their little trees and decorations. They’ve even got lights on some houses, and garland with fake snow. The decorating isn’t quite as big as in the US, but they’ve got their fancy-ness on. In our area, they’ve set up a huge carnival-like-thing in a plaza with trampolines and booths and a stage and other booths where you can drink. Maybe if I find a violin before Christmas, I can play for everyone.
That’s great that the Christmas activity worked out so well! I like the idea with the Nativities in the cultrual hall. I’m not sure we’ve got an activity planned here.
You’re listening to David Archuletta? He sang for his final devotional in the MTC right as I entered. It was good! He got all choked up at the end of the song. But you’ve got to listen to Amy Grant! THAT is where the good stuff is.
I can listen to CDs here, we’ve got a little DVD player to watch church videos and to listen to CDs también. So, yes! Feel very VERY free to send me a CD or seven. Or, I can send home my iPod. The music that was on Jeffrey’s is all on my iTunes, and Matthews too. So, it’s all good.
I haven’t gotten the packages yet. But if I send one home through Vanessa Contreras, I would leave the package at the Mission Office. It would be easier for her and me to get to. And a new card would be great. 🙂
We can Skype for Christmas!! WHOO! But we’ve still got to find a place to do it, and we’ve got one hour to talk.
Have an amazing next week.
Love you All!!
-Elder Law
P.S. Grandpa, my companion and I want to know what the Tree of Life is in an LDS point of View. Also, you should check out some ruins in Cajamarca in Peru, it’s apparently got a glyf of Christs visit to the Americas.

Week 34

My dearest familia que està en los Estados Unidos,
Good news!! We had a baptism! Hermana Hermila was baptized on Saturday and
confirmed the following day.  We watched the video of the Restoration and she
said she knows it’s true. She said it simply is true, and that she believes
everything we’ve taught. She prayed and felt a good quiet confirmation
that this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ.
It’s interesting. I don’t remember where, but I read that some people have
the gift to accept the truth by hearing it from others. I would say she’s
got that gift.
Other news: I’ve got a new companion! We had changes last week. My old
companion Elder Velarde left, and I now have Elder Cabrera as my new
companion. He’s from Lima Perú. He was studying to be a chef before his
mission, and he played futbol in his university. Pretty cool! He said he
loves working with youth, so I expect we’ll see some nice progress there. 🙂

We didn’t get to watch the devotional! [?] It made me sad. I’m sure it was
wonderful. And you’d all better enjoy it because I can’t. [?] (Seriously.

Enjoy it.)

Matthew sang in the Forgotten Carols? ¡Que Chevere! That’s way cool, and
you got to play a prominant part! (it is, isn’t it? I don’t remember.)
That’s good that TJ and Robyn got to see it too.

I got a package from Grandma and Grandpa Norman today. I don’t know what’s
inside – I haven’t opened it yet. But I’m sure it’s going to be fantastic!

Good luck with your Christmas Activity! I’m sure it’s gong to turn out
great. Actually, it will because if it’s centered on Christ then why
wouldn’t it?

Have a Winter-fully Wonderland week!

-Elder Law

Week 33

Family at Home!

First, I’ll dive right into something that happened. We were contacting a street one day, came to a house, and the man inside was rather receptive to the message of the Restoration. We gave him a panphlet, but as we did so, another woman came to the door. She took the panphlet, and said, pointing at the picture on the front, “What kind of abomination is this? What abomination are you tring to teach with this?” The picture was a painting of Christ. She went on for a bit, then I responded, “The Love of God.” She paused, then opened it up to a picture of a woman with pants, and said, “This is an abomination.” (She had a dress) She opened up the bible to a verse that had absolutely nothing to do with pants, but it did have the word abomination. So she read it to us, emphacizing “abomination” and said we are teaching lies and decieving the people we teach. She said that we have to stop what we do, teaching others false doctrine and fiction, and that we have to repent otherwise we will not be saved.
I stared her straight in the eyes and said slowly and clearly, “I know that what we teach is true.” I paused, then said again, “Yo sé que lo que enseñamos es verdadero. (I know that what we teach is true). And what we teach is Jesus Christ and His doctrine.” She stopped, then continued, “but… but what you teach is lies and you need to change.” My companion told her to open to scriptures in the Bible, but she’d open to another. We continued for a bit, but she wouldn’t listen. We eventually just left.
The next day we went to Osvaldo’s (the new convert) house. He explained to us that people from other churches have been passing by, trying to teach him stuff.  He looked at us and said, “I know that God is the same yesterday, today and forever, and I know that he is in That chruch (pointing in the direction of the chappel). I know that Joseph Smith restored the truth on the earth. And No one will ever change what I know.” The spirit filled the room, and the power in his words were… well, powerful.
I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is True. I have felt it, and have recieved my witness that this is his restored salvation on the Earth. Why would something that make so many people happy, teaches others to come unto Christ and partake of his grace and salvation and have an eternal family with a loving Heavenly Father be a lie? It’s impossible. For God worketh not in Darkness. Richousness never was wickedness (or unhappiness).
Hermila came to church. She’s progressing well, and her baptism date is this Saturday. Gilberto, we invited to be baptized with a date, but said he wants to investigate more before he makes any commitment like that.
Happy Thanksgiving! That is a lot of food. We didn’t do anything. I actually forgot about it yesterday. 😛
I don’t know anything about the christmas call yet, but I’m pretty sure we can skype. 😀
Thanks for your email Jeffrey and Dad!
Have a fun Black Friday! And don’t forget that energizing Cyber Monday.
Love you all!
-Elder Law

Week 32

¡Dear Familia!
(Heh, spanglish)

So, this last week was quite exciting. First off: We’ve got a baptism date for the first of December! Her name is Hermila. We met her about a week ago, and she drank up everything we told her. She asked us if she could be baptized (we were talking about the Plan of Salvation and what we need to do while in the earth, including baptism. She asked us what she needed to do to prepare for it.) Talk about PLATINUM investigator. Forget this “golden” stuff. We had Stake Conference yesterday and she attended. She can’t read, so we’re going to have to work a bit around that, but if we get her hooked with the members, it should be good.

We also invited five people to be baptized. Let me explain: We went to the house of Gilberto, and, “lo and behold, he was there.” We started teaching him, going over a chapter in the Book of Mormon. Then his son Christian came in the room and sat down. We explained the Book of Mormon, then continued. Then Soila came to the house with a friend named Ruth. They also sat down in the lesson. By this time we started reading in 3 Nefi 11, and Gilberto’s other son José came to the house and also joined the lesson. Long story short, we invited all of them to be baptized. They all accepted. Whoo! I was pretty excited. Soila seemed the most impressed, Gilberto was quite commited as well. But Christian seemed to really accept the commitment too, and same with José. I pray that we’ll be able to meet with them more often! (They don’t have a good schedule)

So, as I mentioned, we had Conferencia de Estaca yesterday. Here are some notes I took:
-The Gospel is meant to change people’s hearts and lives. Don’t think that it won’t, and never think someone can’t change through Christ.
-The Family is organized of GOD. He put is in our families and he intends for us to return as families.
-Our ancestors can’t enter God’s kingdom if we don’t do our geneology and Temple work.
-“No voy a cambiar mañana. Voy a cambiar hoy.” (Jeffrey can translate. 🙂 )
It was a really good conference, and we got to sing as a zone choir.

Robyn got sick? Awe. That is NEVER fun. Especially the flu. Get better Robyn! Love you! (Don’t get sick Matthew.)
TJ, you made crepes! Way to go! Make sure you get that pan tilting action down. It’s all in the wrist.
Jeffrey, you’re teaching mission prep? Nice! Tell them that the mission is pretty much el más mejor cosa en todo el mundo. And did you get the job at the MTC?

I’ll send pictures next week.

Love you all!

-Elder Law

Week 31

Twas the week of November…
… and all through Perú, not a snow storm was brewing, not even a flake.
Dear Family!

So, this week, we met with Consuelo again. We explained more about
marrage, and she commited to talk with her husband about it. ¡Puede
We also have two investigators – husband and wife who aren’t married
but are living together – who have started to make some progress. The
wife, named Lili, has been investigating the church for several years
and has read the Book of Mormon three times. She knows it’s all true,
but she won’t be baptized unless she get’s baptized with her spouse,
which they can’t untill their married. But he, Fernando, won’t be
baptized until he finds a new job (he sells beer. And he also drinks
it.). But this week they got renewed energy to work towards getting
married. Fernando hasn’t been drinking either. 😀

Wow! That’s a LOT of snow! Those branches look like they’re going to
break off. 6 inches? Has it all melted by now? haha
And Josh will put his papers in! EXCITING! I’m guessing he’ll go
foreign…. to somewhere in Europe. Or Russa. And Hunter got his call?
Already? Wow. That’s so crazy!
Happy Birthday Connor!!

Way to go with your grades TJ! Terrific A’s are TJs! Following the Law
tradition. We get As because that’s just what we do. 😀

And I checked my weight again. It did lie (thank goodness). I only
weigh 135 lbs.

Short letter today. Love you all!
Mail me some snow. 😉

Elder Law

Week 30

((Sorry this is late, I forgot to post it~ Matt))
Dear family that is going to have their second week in November,

So, first of all, we haven’t been able to see Sintia this past week. Nooo! Triste día. Pero, hay esperanza. We’ve got plans to see her again this week, so hopefully it’ll come through.
Secondly, we’ve been teaching a husband and wife (Osvaldo and Consuelo, diferent Osvaldo), and they’ve been interested in the Book of Mormon. We taught them about 3Nefi 11, and invited them to be baptized. They understood that it was something imprtant, but they said they aren’t merried and asked if that was something they needed before baptism. I was kinda suprised they felt they needed that. Usually people don’t think much of it. We told them we’d help them, and we will! I hope they’ll keep reading and continually feel the incredible blessings they’ll recieve from this. The ward leaders were pretty interested in how they could help them as well. Exciting!

We also had an experience on Saturday. We shared The Testaments video with a family (if you haven’t seen it, it is really really good. Watch it.), which one brother is less active and the father isn’t a member. But by the end of the video, the Holy Ghost bore a powerful witness that it was all true. The Mother was deeply touched and talked about it yesterday in her testimony. The brother was crying, and came to church yesterday as well. The father didn’t attend church, but I know he felt the Holy Ghost. I know that Christ came to the Americas, and taught the people here. The Book of Mormon bears witness of this, and I know it is true. It changes people’s hearts and their lives. Read the Book of Mormon. Every day. Punto.

That’s amazingly great that everyone is being so filled with the missionary spirit! It is the last days after all, and we all have a responsability to work in the Lord’s Vinyard (Jacob 5).

So, something funny. I recieved a ballot to vote (we got the oportunity!), and as I read over it and began filling it out, I thought of what would happen if Obama was president. (People have told me that he’s winning slightly against Romney). Then I looked at my ballot, and realized that I filled in his oval. LOL! Well, so much for voting. I can’t get a new ballot before… Today, so I’ll send my vote in by prayer mail. Go ROMNEY!

And then something that’s maybe funny, but a bit more shocking. I checked my weight a few days ago, and… I’ve gained weight. But more than I thought. It said I weigh 63 kl., and thats… 140 pounds. I hope it lied, because that means I’ve gained about 25 pounds. Which is a lot.

Sorry, my time is all up!
Something in my package….. umm… I don’t know. I need to know this in advance! Um, Peach/Apple rings? And a picture of the Temple. AAAnnnnddd…. a picture of the family. And the rest is up to you.

Love you family!
Have a fantastic spirit filled week!
-Elder Law

P.S. TJ, Orchestra is great! Enjoy it!! And way to teach FHE Robyn!