Week 36

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

Eeeevry where you look.

(Well, not so much here. there’s no snow!)

My dearest family,
You didn’t get the Tree decorated until the 16th? ¡Qué es Eso?!
¡Apostacía! But I’ll come back to that in a bit.

First of all, Marleni… She didn’t read. or come to church. Ug. She’s
going a bit slow, or not at all, but we’re going to change that! We
read with her and helped her undersand the importance of reading the
Book of Mormon.
Virginia (I told you about her, right? She’s got 60 something years),
didn’t come to chruch with her husband. BUT, she still wants to be
baptized. Her huspand, Bartolomé, does not want to be baptized. At
least, not yet. He’s got a drinking problem and he’s afraid that he’ll
fall back into it after his baptism. We’re going to meet with him
often to help him get gospel streingth.
AND, we’ve been meeting with a family. I believe I’ve told you about
them as well. José, Angelica and their daughter Silvana? José wanted
to talk with us this past week, and we really got some good progress
with them. They’re not married, José and Angelica, but they want to be
married so they can be baptized. They came to church as a family and
enjoyed it.

It’s been really inspiring this week: We’ve been guided by the Holy
Ghost many times this week. We’d run into less actives we were trying
to meet going to someone else’s house. Our lessons have been very
guided by the Holy Ghost to teach to people’s needs. Good Stuff!

Now back to this apostacía. It can’t look anything like christmas if
you don’t have decorations up! And No Garland??? I’m flabbergasted.
What’s Jeffrey doing? Get him to work on the garland! I refuse to let
you all slack off because I’m down here in Perú. I expect to see quite
the spiffy Living Room next week! ;D

That’s great Matthew got an intern for the church! What is he doing?
I’d like to know. Have you all heard about the new youth program
they’ve got in the church? Jeffrey, I think you’ll be called as a
teacher for the youth. That’s just my thought.

Ahora, Next week:
I will use Skype. Plan on skyping at roughly 5:00 or 6:00. I can’t
give specifics now, but I will specify on Monday.

I got my packages!!! WHOO! But I got a yellow folder and a box. I’m
assuming the box has the rest? What can I open now, I don’t remember.
I recorded my reaction on my card for you to watch when I send my card
If you could get me a new card, that would be very nice. BECAUSE, I
found a violin!! Whoo! And it’s only 280 soles. About 120 dollars.

I love you all!! I’m excited for this Christmas season! (skype!)

-Elder Law


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