Week 20

Dearest most best-est familia!

Is it just me, or did we all have… interesting weeks this past week? Julia has still been avoiding us. Hermana Ana, that we taught last week, wasn’t home when we’d go teach. Humberto was doing good, but he didn’t show up at church yesterday. Manola thought that yesterday was Saturday so she wasn’t ready for church when we went to her house. Italo – he didn’t really want to go to church (but he did come ), and Norma was busy yesterday morning. So, yeah. Satan is really working hard here! It’s because it’s so incredibly important that we teach and convert these people! We’ve all got to ignore those whisperings (of Satan, that is)!

Elder Worsham shared saying with me, “Before our missions, a one dollar bill wasn’t all that important. Now we’re here, and Every Sole (Soul) is precious.” See the double meaning? I’m understanding more and more of the importance of missionary work, and I hope I can be the instrument Heavenly Father needs me to be. We’re going to “put our shoulder to the wheel” and focus on our investigators this week.

And, like what Jeffrey said, “a ray of light!” Yoel’s dad, José has been really interested in the church lately. We went to teach him one time, and he said he just feels really good every time we go teach him. We explained that this is the Holy Ghost and that he can always have this amazing gift through baptism. He accepted baptism, but wants to be baptized in December when the rest of his family will be together again. I really want to help him understand that if he prepares for baptism now, he can be ready to baptize his family in December. We’ve also been teaching the cousin of Yoel, Manuel, who knows a whole lot of the Bible.

We live kinda close to the beach. It’s about 30 minutes to an hour to the beach that we go to. There are four of us in our cuarto: Myself, Elder Mita, Elder Worsham and his companion Elder Nina.

Oh, and Elder Mita has a question: How much are the Twistable Crayola colored pencils? He wants to get some. 😛
Make AMAZINGLY FANTASTIC French Toast Jeffrey!

Love all of you!
-Elder Law


Week 19

(I should stop doing two of these in one week. ;p


¿Mi Familia! Ready for… my letter this week? Because here it is! Yeah, lots of suspense, anti-climax.

We taught a non-member family for family home evening (Noche de Hogar) on Monday. We were going to show a clip from the Together Forever DVD, but it didn’t work. So, we gave a lesson on the Plan of Salvation instead. It was fantastic! The Mother was really excited to learn about eternal families, how God has a plan for them and their family not only in this world, but in the life to follow. The Father was really receptive as well. They both basically said that they want to be baptized, but they want to learn more beforehand. Wph-ell, Chya!

I don’t know if I told you, but we’ve been teaching a woman named Manola. She’s 87 years old. She really liked everything we’ve been teaching her, but she said that she can’t go to church or be baptized because of health problems. But seeing her walk around her house – she’s quite mobile! So, we tried to help her see the eternal blessings of going to Church and being baptized. We told her that we can provide transportation to attend. We promised her that if she really tried, and did her part to attend church, God would give her the health and strength to attend. She accepted, and is going to attend next week. 😀

Julia… is interesting. She was very animated to get baptised and attend church and all that last week, but then it all kinda poofed away. We’re going to try and help her and find out what’s wrong. Andrez and Robinson: We haven’t been able to see them. They were always gone to work or school. BUT, we got their schedules so we can teach them again.

We’ve been teaching a boy named Italo who’s 11 years old. His mom, Norma, is less-active, but his older brother is active. We taught Norma a lesson, and afterwards she said she wants to attend Church again. We taught her a lesson with a member, who she apparently knows pretty well, and I’m pretty sure that helped her make her decision; she has friends in the church who won’t leave her or turn away simply because she’s “less-active.” Norma wants Italo to be baptized, so we’ve been teaching them the lessons, and Italo is progressing excellently.
Pretty cool stuff!

On another note, Robyn grew an INCH?!?!? ¡¿Que es eso?! That’s crazy! Maybe I’ve grown… a tenth of a centimeter? Heh. And TJ has started Jr High! You should write me an email next week TJ and tell me how it went. 🙂 Thank you for my Crepe Recipie! Gozo!

AND, Were you all able to watch the devotional for Pres. Monson’s birthday? It was pretty much the most amazing thing EVER! We are so incredibly blessed to be able to have a conference center that holds 25 Thousand People and has a, what? 50 foot organ? The music was the most amazing music I’ve heard in quite a while. Elder Worsham, the other american Elder here in Reque that I told you about a while ago, and I were singing broadway music the next while. Elder Worsham is pretty awesome. One example: were talking a few days ago, and we starting laughing. Then we laughed harder and harder. He started crying, and I could hardly breathe. Then one of us would chuckle, and we’d start up again. It was fantastic.

I love you all, Mom, Dad, Matthew, Jeffrey, TJ and Robyn!
Good luck with School!

-Elder Law

Week 18~


First: Humberto recieved the Holy Ghost yesterday in Church. Yay! Every time I see him, he’s smiling. He looks so much happier now that his baptism is complete. 🙂
We haven’t been able to meet with Andrez or his brother Robinson at all this past week. Every cita we have falls though! 😦 Sad day. But we’re not going to give up! As my companion says, “We are going to burn them… with Scriptures!”

We were finally able to meet with a woman named Jovanna on Friday. We contacted her about 3 weeks ago, and she was interested in what we had to share, but she was never home every time we went to check on her. She has a very hectic schedule, going to school and working. That is, until Friday. She said she had 10 minutes, so we prayed and started. Immediately, the Spirit guided us to teach about the Book of Mormon. Jovanna was astonished that such a book exists. She’d never heard of anything but the bible. We have scripture from biblical times of people who lived here, in the Americas? She asked questions and wanted to know more during the lesson. Holy Ghost had pressed upon her soul, and she accepted the commitment to read what we assigned her (3 Nephi 11). When we asked when we could return, she said, “In two weeks” then paused, and said, “Come back next Saturday.” I really hope she reads!
The Book of Mormon has the power to change people’s lives, and has a greater affect on people’s souls than any other book in the world. I know it’s true!

That’s fun that we’ve got Peruvians in our ward! Tell them I said “Hi.” 🙂
Matthew was Spencer’s best man? That’s awesome! Tell Spencer “Congradulations!” But why hasn’t Matthew written me? Come on Matthew! I’ve even given you topics to write about. I’m just down here in Peru, and you’re just up there in Utah, and I’m like, “Hey, where’s a letter from Matthew?”

And TJ: you’re starting Jr. High!! AH! I remember the night before I started Jr. High. I was pretty scared. But I talked with Mom and felt a lot better afterwards. Jr. High is pretty different, but it’s fun. Mr. Beck is amazing! You’ll do great starting Jr. High TJ. 🙂

I love all of you! Love LOVE LOVE!
-Elder Law #3

P.S. I got the package! CANDY! Mana from heaven! And you put it in a large yellow “folder” thing. You must have talked with another mom, mom, to know that using those helps them ship faster. Thank-you!!

Week 17

Hello my amazingly fantastic family at Home!

This past week, Elder Mita and I worked a lot more with members in the ward. We’ve had family home evenings, and lessons with members. We taught a part member family. The father is less active and none of the others are members. We taught them part of the plan of salvation, and the parents came to church yesterday! YES! I was pretty excited to see them attend.We’re going to focus a lot on this family. The wife’s name is Sujey. She’s Catholic, but she was quite receptive to he message we gave her.
Humberto was baptized on Saturday! Whoo! BUT, he didn’t come to church yesterday to recieve the Holy Ghost! NOO! We called and went to his house and knocked for ten minutes, but he wasn’t home. (vamos a enfocar en él también)
Andrez is still pretty happy. He didn’t come to church, but he’s still interested. His brother, named Robinson, is quite the miracle. We taught him solo. The lesson was very powerful, and the Holy Ghost bore powerful testimony of Joseph Smith and the Church. We asked him what he will do with this information: just know it, or live it? He said, “I want to live it. I want to have a good life.” We set a date to teach him again, and I hope and pray that he’s read and prayed about Joseph Smith and the Chruch.
I know the church is true. Why would something that changes people’s lives, makes people happy and joyful, helps them serve others, forgive and be forgiven be a lie? It’s not possible. For wickedness never was happiness. But in Christ, all things are possible. He is the light and the life of the world, and through him, we live. I know the Book of Mormon is true. It is the word of God and contains the converting power to propell people into a new life, one of peace and saftey.
Mom, Dad, when was the last time you watched the video, “Finding Faith in Christ” as a family? I challenge you to watch it, and invite a Malia and her family over as well. Share your testimony. We have a promise from Elder Holland, an apostle of God, that if we listen with love, the Spirit will guide your words.

The Olympics are ALWAYS fun! But, like Jeffrey, I don’t get to watch them. Gymnastics are the best! (That and synchronized diving.)
I got my package! Kinda. It’s sitting at the Zone Leader’s appartment. But I’m sure once I get it I’ll be very excited!

I love you all! Have an amazing olympic week!
– Elder Law #3

Week 16

¡Buenos Días mi Familia! (well, more like buenos tardes, but oh well)

My new companion is Elder Mita from Bolivia. He’s got nine months in his mission, and he’s excited to work in Reque. Whoo! Vamos a trabajar.

Humberto attended church yesterday! Yes. He’s got a plan to be baptized this Saturday. YOU CAN DO IT HUMBERTO!
We found un joven with 14 years this past week. We knocked on his door, he answered, and I could just tell, right away, he was ready to hear the message that we have. Andrez said he likes to know what God’s will is, and what religion is true. WOW! We taught him and he easily accepted everything we taught. He’s got a baptism planned in the next few weeks.

I was reading the General Conference Liahona today, (we got them! Joy!) and I know that General Conference is designed of God to send messages that his children need to hear all around the globe in these days. I encourage all of you, at home and others who will receive this email (and everyone else too), to read or listen to or watch messages from Conference. You’ll be surprised what truth you find in latter-day scriptures.
(Matthew, might I suggest you try reading the talks in Thai?)

The basement got flooded? Again?! Poor TJ’s room. That room has been flooded, what, three or four times now? That’s great that you got help drying it all out. Helping hands are happy hands!

Elder Connelly is in my zone. We see each other twice a week. He told me he recognized me from somewhere before, and I asked him where he lived. He said Utah, and then we somehow got on the topic of K-C, and we found out that yes, we have seen each other before. Interesting, no? I haven’t meet Elder Peterson yet, though.

I love you all! Love you Mom, Dad, Matthew, Jeffrey, TJ and Robyn!
Have an amazing week, and thank you for your emails!
Elder Law #3