Week 15

Dear Family,

6 weeks have passed in the mission! Crazy! My Papà, Elder Almanza, was an excellent companion. I was sad to see him leave today at the airport, but I’m also excited to work hard with my next companion.
First, last week we contacted a family out on the main Plaza aquì. We started talking to them, and then the father said that he had prayed about what might be after this life but didn’t receive an answer. I thought, “You did WHAT??!! PLAN OF SALVATION!” We both bore short, powerful testimonies about the Plan, and other truths about the Gospel, and they were very receptive to what we told them. I am very excited to be able to teach them this week.
Medaly was struggling last week. She said she does not want to be baptized until later. It’s sad because she knows all of the lessons, she knows it’s all true, but she wants to delay her baptism. 😦
Jeffrey, I wore the Brazil Jersey a few times, and una vez, un persona fue pretty excited that I was wearing it. Just so you know. 🙂
Can you send me Skylar’s talk, as well as mine as well as your talk mom from April? I never got your talk from you. 🙂
I’m sorry my letter is so short!
I love you all! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
-Elder Law
P.S. TJ, I forgot to tell you that Ben Diez is pretty popular down here. 🙂

Week 14

Mi Familia!

¿Ustedes son visitando Cànada? ¿Qùe Chevere! Tell everyone up there that I say HHHOOOLLLLAAAAA!!!!!!! Is Matthew going too?
So, this past week, Yoel attended churched again. He received the Holy Ghost. He has an amazing light to him now. It’s amazing! Like the Savior said, “The Light of the body is the Eye. If the Eye is full of light, the body shall have light also.” (Not an exact quote, but close. 3 Nephi 18:18, yo creo…) Medaly attended church yesterday too!!!!! WHOOOO! There was a very strong spirit during sacrament meeting yesterday, especially during the sacrament, and I know Medaly felt the Holy Ghost in that meeting. Her baptism is planned for this Saturday! YOU CAN DO IT MEDALY!!
Humberto, sadly, did not attend. He’s so ready! He just needs to attend church! Ah! We taught him a lesson last week that was about baptism and he was so excited to have the opportunity to be baptised, but then didn’t attend church. 😦 We are really going to focus on them this week.
So TJ! It was your BIRTHDAY yesterday!! You’re 13!! I remember when I turned 13. I felt old. Now I’m 19. Crazy! And then you’ll be going in to Jr. High! Exciting times!
Just so you know, your name pronounced in Spanish is Teh-Hota. (te jota). And your name means Jehovah’s Witness in Spanish! 😀 How is your Book of Mormon reading going TJ? That book is incredibly powerful, and changes people’s lives. I KNOW the book is true. And how’s your temple attendance going? We are so blessed in Utah to have a Temple just 10 minutes away. Go with Dad regularly, whether that’s once a week or once a month, but do it! We are promised to have angels strengthen us when we attend the temple. Think about that! Angles!!
I love you TJ! You’re an amazing younger brother, and you are an example to me with how kind you are to Robyn and Mom and the rest of our family.
Grandma Swenson! Just so you know, the hem job on my white pants are PERFECT! And with the rest of my pants too! You are a fantastic seamstress!
Love, Elder Law #3

Week 13!

(Matt: Sorry for not posting these up right when I get them, I usually don’t have my computer up at EFY. =x Time to catch up for 3 weeks!)

Hola Familia!

Wow! That’s a lot of missionary stuff going on! Sounds like fantastic stuff! And Skylar leaves on his mission in two weeks!! AHH!! Tell him it’s ‘gana be awesome! Did you get my letter to him? I sent it to our house because I don’t know his address (I’ll probably do that with pretty much all of my letters “home”). Tell him he’d better write me!

Ahora… Yoel… His baptism was scheduled for yesterday morning before church meetings. He missed it. He was in Chiclayo visiting his mother (his parents are separated). 😦 I was reminded that people have their agency, and that things won’t always work out as planned. But then Yoel came to regular church meetings, and brought his dad, José, as well. And then the topic in Sacrament Meeting was on covenants, and people talked a lot about baptism and the holy ghost, as well as continuing to the Temple. I was then reminded that God has a plan for his children, and that I need to follow his plan, not my own. I think it was perfect for Yoel to hear the messages given in church before his baptism to really solidify the covenant he was going to make.
He was baptized right after church, and I had the amazing privilige of baptizing him! ¡GOZO! The Spirit was very strong afterwards and I felt an incredible peace and comfort about Yoel’s baptism. He’ll be confirmed the following week in Sacrament meeting.

Julia. We couldn’t meet with her hardly at all this past week because she was always gone when we tried to visit and schedule a new lesson. Same with Humberto. Medaly, on the other hand is ready and wants to be baptized, but her job prohibits her from attending Church. We’re going to work with her on finding a new job this coming week so she can attend church and be baptized.

Stadium of Fire! ¡Chevre! A fire that is not inside a stadium! Not so very chevre! But that’s really amazing how that house was protected! Miracle!

I love you family so much!
-Elder Law

(pictures: My companion and I, After breakfast for my companion’s birthday, baptism)

Week 11! (12? probably 12, skipped a week)

My Family! ¡Hola! ¿Còmo esta?

That’s crazy about all the wild fires and floods. Yeah, sounds pretty last-days-y to me. Interesante… It’s been really nice here. It feels like spring Utah weather: Great during the day, and cool at night. 🙂

It was Elder Almanza’s Birthday last week on the 30th! He’s 21. We’ve been eating cake right at left. One of the members in the ward baked a cake for us and it was DIVINE – literally “right out of the oven” fresh. I’ve been eating a lot, says my companion, Which is good. … Right? 🙂
The Cuy (I spelled it wrong last week) was prepared like chicken, yes. But no, it did not taste like chicken, and no, it was not de-boned. Pero, Esta bien! At the member’s house that we ate at, the head of the house tried to make sure I knew what I was eating. I guess I didn’t make myself clear enough that I did, so he ran back in his house and came back with a live ginypig. He held it up to me and said, “This! This is what you’re eating.” “Oh! Okay!” It was pretty funny, thinking back on it. 🙂

Yoel came to church yesterday! JOY!! He’s been progressing a lot. He reads all the stuff we assign him, and is making friends at church. His baptism is set for next week on the 8th, a Sunday. His dad, Josè (non-member) wanted to attend the baptism, so we’re having it right before church. He’s been in all of the lessons so far, to know what his son is being taught, so I’m pretty sure we’ll extend the commitment to be baptised as well. Don’t see why not.

Julia and Diego did not attend church. Julia is usually not at home when we try to teach her, so it’s difficult getting a lesson in. But, we’ll keep trying to meet her and help her the best we can for her baptism. Humberto isn’t attending church either. He works all night 7 days a week, and sleeps during the day, so he’s exhausted when it comes time for church. Attend attend attend! ¡Puede puede puede!

Happy Birthday Grandpa Norman! It’s exciting to hear your book has been published! I’ll have to tell my mission president. What’s the title of the book?

Love you family! Thank you for your email dad! Make sure the tank doesn’t die again. By the sound of it, I think it got… well… neglected….. again. Sounds like Jeffrey’s doing fantastic! Keep it up Elder Law!

-Elder Law #3