Week 32

¡Dear Familia!
(Heh, spanglish)

So, this last week was quite exciting. First off: We’ve got a baptism date for the first of December! Her name is Hermila. We met her about a week ago, and she drank up everything we told her. She asked us if she could be baptized (we were talking about the Plan of Salvation and what we need to do while in the earth, including baptism. She asked us what she needed to do to prepare for it.) Talk about PLATINUM investigator. Forget this “golden” stuff. We had Stake Conference yesterday and she attended. She can’t read, so we’re going to have to work a bit around that, but if we get her hooked with the members, it should be good.

We also invited five people to be baptized. Let me explain: We went to the house of Gilberto, and, “lo and behold, he was there.” We started teaching him, going over a chapter in the Book of Mormon. Then his son Christian came in the room and sat down. We explained the Book of Mormon, then continued. Then Soila came to the house with a friend named Ruth. They also sat down in the lesson. By this time we started reading in 3 Nefi 11, and Gilberto’s other son José came to the house and also joined the lesson. Long story short, we invited all of them to be baptized. They all accepted. Whoo! I was pretty excited. Soila seemed the most impressed, Gilberto was quite commited as well. But Christian seemed to really accept the commitment too, and same with José. I pray that we’ll be able to meet with them more often! (They don’t have a good schedule)

So, as I mentioned, we had Conferencia de Estaca yesterday. Here are some notes I took:
-The Gospel is meant to change people’s hearts and lives. Don’t think that it won’t, and never think someone can’t change through Christ.
-The Family is organized of GOD. He put is in our families and he intends for us to return as families.
-Our ancestors can’t enter God’s kingdom if we don’t do our geneology and Temple work.
-“No voy a cambiar mañana. Voy a cambiar hoy.” (Jeffrey can translate. 🙂 )
It was a really good conference, and we got to sing as a zone choir.

Robyn got sick? Awe. That is NEVER fun. Especially the flu. Get better Robyn! Love you! (Don’t get sick Matthew.)
TJ, you made crepes! Way to go! Make sure you get that pan tilting action down. It’s all in the wrist.
Jeffrey, you’re teaching mission prep? Nice! Tell them that the mission is pretty much el más mejor cosa en todo el mundo. And did you get the job at the MTC?

I’ll send pictures next week.

Love you all!

-Elder Law


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