Week 10

¡Mi Familia!
I can not believe it! We didn’t have Julia’s baptizm. Julia, wasn’t home at all this last week for us to work with her for her baptizm. We will work with her more these coming weeks to get a new date set. She hasn’t been attending church either though. 😦
Julia has a grandson who we’ve been teaching as well. His name is Diego, and he is 10 years old. We are going to teach him and his family, and, now that his Father is back home, he can ask for permission to be baptized.
Yoel, who I told about last week, is a new investigator. I thought he’d been taught the lessons, but nope! He just showed up to church last week, and we’ve been teaching him since. He’s 16. He’s been reading the Book of Mormon and says he feels good about the gospel. Now he just needs to attend church, keep reading and praying and he’ll be happy! You can do it Yoel!
Okay, so this last week, we were in our house listening to music my Companion has on his iPod. Then a certain song started playing, and I stopped. I waited a few moments, and heard clogging in the background. My companion has River Dance music on his iPod! THAT brought back so many memories. Jeffrey and Matthew: Remember when we would try to match the dance of those three guys in the show? Haha, fun times. TJ and Robyn: You should watch it. It’s chevre. 😀
How’s the fish tank holding up Dad? Are the fish lively and choral is growing like it’s in the garden of Eden? 😉
On Saturday, we did some service for a lady in the ward (I think). We went out to one of her fields of chakra, and cut the stalks and hauled them back to her house with her donkey. It was cool being able to do some legit farming: using a syth. (I didn’t get to use it though. I just hauled the stalks to the cart.)
I also got to eat some Cui last week. Cui is Guinnie Pig. It tasted really good! It’s sweeter than chicken, not as tough as beef, but not quite like Pork. It’s just Cui. Which is good.
I love you all! A LOT! Love LOVE LOVE!
(I was off tune on purpose, but then went on tune Mom! Perfectly cool chord! ;D)
-Elder Law

Week 9

¡Mi Familia!
I have arived safely in Chiclayo! I left the CCM with several other Latino missionaries who are serving in the Chiclayo mission.
My first area is (drum roll): Reque. It’s a small city just south of Chiclayo: deserty area, and very humid. I will serve here with my new companion. My Companion is: (drum roll) Elder Almanza. He’s Latino. He knows a little english. And he knows A LOT of Spanish. He is from Puno, Peru. This is his final transfer – his final 6 weeks. I am his first trainee, and it is my first six weeks in the field. So, it’s interesting. My companion is great: He works hard and helps me a lot. 
There are two other Elders in this area: Elder Worsham, who’s been out since Christmas, and his Latino companion.
HAPPY FATHER’S DAY DAD! You’re an amazing father, and I’ve learned SO MUCH from you! And I still learn from you! You’re example is amazing. I love you SO MUCH!
Those nights that I went up stairs and watched TV with you, or exercized – I’m happy we did that. Same with having lunch with you in Novarad and talking about my mission, or the Temple, or other things. I love you so much Dad. You deserve Kudos.
Father’s day is pretty big down here, it seems. There were signs all over the place in Lima abut ‘Papá,’ and his children. There were tons of parties last night, and it was kinda hard to contact anyone because they were pretty much all drunk. 😛
How were your first few weeks in the field? It’s nothing I really expected – nothing someone can Really plan for. It’s something you just have to do: Devoting your entire life for two years to God. It’s definately a change of pace.
I have put the bed-bug blocking protector on my pillow case, but not the matrice. It shouldn’t be a problem in this area, I was told.
The mission president is great! He knows some good English so it was a lot easier to talk with him. They did take a picture of me with him, but I don’t know if they’ll email it to you.
SO, we’ve got a baptism coming up on Saturday. A woman named Julia was taught by the missionaries before we arived and had set the date just before we got here. We’ve been checking up on her and things seem good, except that she didn’t attend church yesterday. She traveled to Trujillo.
There’s a man named Humberto that wants to be baptized. He’s been taught the lessons as well, but before he get’s baptized, he wants the aproval of his daughter. Kinda interesting. He hasen’t talked with her yet, so it’s just waiting for them to talk and then we can set a date for him to be baptized.
Sounds like things are going fun at home! I’m sorry to hear Matthew got sick. Get better Matthew! Going to Park City sounds fun as well!
How are TJ’s and Robyn’s scripture study going? Are they reading each night? Is Robyn reading the Book of Mormon when she feels sad, or misses me or Jeffrey? Same with TJ? I know it will help. While I was in Provo, one of the apostles that spoke gave us a promise: That if you read the book of mormon, it will fill you with it’s light and help turn any sad day into a better one. I know this is true. The book of Mormon is amazing, and it is the Word of God.
I Love LOVE LOVE you family! Love you TJ and Robyn and Matthew, Dad, Mom and Jeffrey!
Happy Father’s day Dad!
-Elder Law
Do you still need a scripture for my plaque? Tell me if you do.

Week 8

Foreword: Sorry this is a week late! I was way sick this last week and forgot to post it. There may not be an email this week though cause Andrew just got out into the field! =D

¡Familia! (¿y otros, posible?)

First, The TAB choir has made a primary song album?!?!?!? ¡¡ME GUSTA MUCHO!! Some time in the very late future when I send the iPod back home, if it would be possible to put that album on it, I would be incredibly appreciative.

We got to go proselyte on Saturday again! We went to a place called Remac. It’s the same “area” as before, but it’s up on the side of the mountain. Imagine Italy… but with buildings made of concrete… and dilapidated. 🙂 Anyways, we, Elder Molina and I and our myestro AND our member, were trying to find a house. We hiked up a short ways and stopped at a house to ask for directions. We talked with the lady that answered for a few moments, then it turned into a lesson about the restoration. I’m not sure how it came about, but it did and I’m grateful for it. I told of Joseph Smith’s experience and bore my testimony that I know he is a prophet. The lady we taught seemed very impressed by the message. We gave her a panplet, committed her to read it and pray, and attend church on Sunday. I really hope the missionaries in that area were able to go back to her house and meet with her.

To answer your questions:
No, I haven’t gotten to read the conference ensign. They don’t let us have any.
I will miss my district the most from the CCM. We’ve all grown so much here together. And, now that Elder Perry, Elder Johnson AND, Hermana Stull are part of our district, we’ve all been having a fantabulous time. (it was especially nice to see Elder Perry again. ) No one in my district is going to the same mission as me, so that’s definately what I’ll miss the most: The Elders (and Sister) in my district.
We got to go to the Temple every week. They have it in Spanish here (suprise?) but they give you these fancy headset things to listen to it in English. Since today was my last day at the temple, I tried listening in only Spanish during the Plan. Suprisingly, I understood some/most of it.

I might not be able to email next week. I leave the MTC on Tuesday for Chiclayo! I fly up there, and that’s where I’ll be for the next 2 years! I have no idea when P-day is on my mission, so if you don’t get an email, don’t be suprised.

I love you all! Thank you for being such amazing examples to me.
Thank you for being a mother mom! You don’t know how incredibly helpful it really is. Unless you do, then you do know how incredibly helpful it is!

-Elder Law

Week 7!

¡Hola! ¿Cómo Esta?
See how much Spanish I can speak? It’s amazing!

Congradulations Josh! That’s crazy! A full tuition scholarship to BYU?! Nice!
Keep up the awesome band skills Travis! Tell me how Marching Band will be this year. You’re doing it, right?
Connor! How’d your AP Classes go? Were they spunk-tacular?

TJ! Way to get an Award! You’l have to tell me what it is next week. 🙂
Robyn! How’s dance? Are you going to start gymnastics? When does that start?
Matthew! How’s school going? Did you already take finals? Were you able to find an appartment?

One of the other Elders in my district got to show me a song from General Conference a few years ago titled, “He Sent Sis Son” by the tabernacle choir. Most AMAZING variation of that song EVER! Listen to it!
You said in a previous email that if I wanted some music, you’d send it to me… wellllllllllll, if you could possibly find the violin variation of that song (if there is one) and mail it to me when I’m out in the field, that would be SPECTACULAR!

So, this last Saturday we didn’t go out and procelyte because of the new missionaries entering the CCM. But, I DID have a really good experience teaching yesterday.
My companion, Elder Wallace, and I are teaching an “investigator” named Ezeiquiel. We taught him about the restoration because he had a few questions about it. We were going through the lesson until we got to the first vision. I told of Joseph’s experience and the spirit really flowed into the room. My companion and I both bore our testimonies on it, then commited Exeiquiel to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. I told him that I know the Book of Mormon is true, and that he can know for himself if he reads and prays. I felt a powerful witness to my words, and I know the Book of Mormon is a true book. I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet and that he restored the church of Jesus Christ.

The other two elders in my district that didn’t get their visas should be coming down within the next few days, we were told. I’m excited! Elder Perry! Volley Ball will be a lot more interesting with Elder Perry down here.

I love you all! You’re all so great GREAT GREAT!, to put it in simple words.

Love you Mom, and Matthew and TJ, Robyn and Dad!
Love you Jeffrey! YOU’RE AMAZING!

-Elder Law