Week 35

On the Second week of Christmas, the Elder gave to me…

…An email para tí (for you)!
Dearest most bestest family, Merry 10th!
This week, we’ve been able to invite a lot of people to be baptized, and most accepted. One youth in particular, named Christain, is progressing pretty well. The only problem is that he hasn’t attended church (church attendance….) But he’s been reading the Book of Mormon, and likes when we visit. His father, Gilberto, we havn’t been able to see much, but he’s still interested. Another woman, named Marleni (I think I told you about her, right?) accepted a date to be baptized. But… didn’t attend church. SO, we’re going to work a bit more in that area, and keep her on the track to baptism.
We had two investigadors attend church. They’re grandparents named María and Bartolomé. They’re going to travel for Christmas, so we won’t be able to get a date until they return. BUT, some promesing stuff!
Christmas is getting pretty big here. People have got their little trees and decorations. They’ve even got lights on some houses, and garland with fake snow. The decorating isn’t quite as big as in the US, but they’ve got their fancy-ness on. In our area, they’ve set up a huge carnival-like-thing in a plaza with trampolines and booths and a stage and other booths where you can drink. Maybe if I find a violin before Christmas, I can play for everyone.
That’s great that the Christmas activity worked out so well! I like the idea with the Nativities in the cultrual hall. I’m not sure we’ve got an activity planned here.
You’re listening to David Archuletta? He sang for his final devotional in the MTC right as I entered. It was good! He got all choked up at the end of the song. But you’ve got to listen to Amy Grant! THAT is where the good stuff is.
I can listen to CDs here, we’ve got a little DVD player to watch church videos and to listen to CDs también. So, yes! Feel very VERY free to send me a CD or seven. Or, I can send home my iPod. The music that was on Jeffrey’s is all on my iTunes, and Matthews too. So, it’s all good.
I haven’t gotten the packages yet. But if I send one home through Vanessa Contreras, I would leave the package at the Mission Office. It would be easier for her and me to get to. And a new card would be great. 🙂
We can Skype for Christmas!! WHOO! But we’ve still got to find a place to do it, and we’ve got one hour to talk.
Have an amazing next week.
Love you All!!
-Elder Law
P.S. Grandpa, my companion and I want to know what the Tree of Life is in an LDS point of View. Also, you should check out some ruins in Cajamarca in Peru, it’s apparently got a glyf of Christs visit to the Americas.

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