Week 24

(Like always,) ¡HOLA Familia!

I’ll just jump right into it and explain my topic in a bit. Italo has his baptism on the 27, and things are looking up for that. But now his Dad wants him to wait. We’re going to talk with him tonight and help him see that his son has made this decision on his own. But Italo is pretty excited! Thursdaaaaaaa-AAY, here we come! (He also attended church. )
We still haven’t been able to see Omero or his wife since two weeks ago. Sad day. But then we did get to teach another woman named Edith (about 30 years old) this week. Did I tell you about her? I can never remember, all my past letters become mush. (Unless they are phycial letters from home. Then they become precious mana from heaven.) But we taught her and her son David, and things have been going good with her so far. She’s adding a second story to her house so we won’t be able to see her until at least this Friday (fingers crossed).
We also got to do a fun service thing in an area called Cayalti on Saturday. It’s about 30-40 minutes away, and we cleaned a plaza. It was all caked with dirt. Now it sparkles. 🙂

So, I’m going to be the closest to Mom and Dad this next week than I will be the rest of my mission. If I yell super loud, maybe you can hear me.
“I LOVE YOU!!!!!”
That’s pretty crazy being in Brazil. Did you practice Portugues on Rosetta Stone Mom or Dad? Jeffrey will have quite the time translating. Make sure you go to at least one Temple while you’re there. (And get me a tie too. )
And TJ is witing me a letter! Awe, thanks! I can’t wait to read it.

Temple dedication! Exciting!

Not much else happened, sorry if it seems short.

LOVE YOU, Dad, Mom, Matthew, Jeffrey, TJ and Robyn!
-Elder Law

P.S. Jeffrey!!!!!!


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