Week 33

Family at Home!

First, I’ll dive right into something that happened. We were contacting a street one day, came to a house, and the man inside was rather receptive to the message of the Restoration. We gave him a panphlet, but as we did so, another woman came to the door. She took the panphlet, and said, pointing at the picture on the front, “What kind of abomination is this? What abomination are you tring to teach with this?” The picture was a painting of Christ. She went on for a bit, then I responded, “The Love of God.” She paused, then opened it up to a picture of a woman with pants, and said, “This is an abomination.” (She had a dress) She opened up the bible to a verse that had absolutely nothing to do with pants, but it did have the word abomination. So she read it to us, emphacizing “abomination” and said we are teaching lies and decieving the people we teach. She said that we have to stop what we do, teaching others false doctrine and fiction, and that we have to repent otherwise we will not be saved.
I stared her straight in the eyes and said slowly and clearly, “I know that what we teach is true.” I paused, then said again, “Yo sé que lo que enseñamos es verdadero. (I know that what we teach is true). And what we teach is Jesus Christ and His doctrine.” She stopped, then continued, “but… but what you teach is lies and you need to change.” My companion told her to open to scriptures in the Bible, but she’d open to another. We continued for a bit, but she wouldn’t listen. We eventually just left.
The next day we went to Osvaldo’s (the new convert) house. He explained to us that people from other churches have been passing by, trying to teach him stuff.  He looked at us and said, “I know that God is the same yesterday, today and forever, and I know that he is in That chruch (pointing in the direction of the chappel). I know that Joseph Smith restored the truth on the earth. And No one will ever change what I know.” The spirit filled the room, and the power in his words were… well, powerful.
I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is True. I have felt it, and have recieved my witness that this is his restored salvation on the Earth. Why would something that make so many people happy, teaches others to come unto Christ and partake of his grace and salvation and have an eternal family with a loving Heavenly Father be a lie? It’s impossible. For God worketh not in Darkness. Richousness never was wickedness (or unhappiness).
Hermila came to church. She’s progressing well, and her baptism date is this Saturday. Gilberto, we invited to be baptized with a date, but said he wants to investigate more before he makes any commitment like that.
Happy Thanksgiving! That is a lot of food. We didn’t do anything. I actually forgot about it yesterday. 😛
I don’t know anything about the christmas call yet, but I’m pretty sure we can skype. 😀
Thanks for your email Jeffrey and Dad!
Have a fun Black Friday! And don’t forget that energizing Cyber Monday.
Love you all!
-Elder Law

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