Week 24

(Like always,) ¡HOLA Familia!

I’ll just jump right into it and explain my topic in a bit. Italo has his baptism on the 27, and things are looking up for that. But now his Dad wants him to wait. We’re going to talk with him tonight and help him see that his son has made this decision on his own. But Italo is pretty excited! Thursdaaaaaaa-AAY, here we come! (He also attended church. )
We still haven’t been able to see Omero or his wife since two weeks ago. Sad day. But then we did get to teach another woman named Edith (about 30 years old) this week. Did I tell you about her? I can never remember, all my past letters become mush. (Unless they are phycial letters from home. Then they become precious mana from heaven.) But we taught her and her son David, and things have been going good with her so far. She’s adding a second story to her house so we won’t be able to see her until at least this Friday (fingers crossed).
We also got to do a fun service thing in an area called Cayalti on Saturday. It’s about 30-40 minutes away, and we cleaned a plaza. It was all caked with dirt. Now it sparkles. 🙂

So, I’m going to be the closest to Mom and Dad this next week than I will be the rest of my mission. If I yell super loud, maybe you can hear me.
“I LOVE YOU!!!!!”
That’s pretty crazy being in Brazil. Did you practice Portugues on Rosetta Stone Mom or Dad? Jeffrey will have quite the time translating. Make sure you go to at least one Temple while you’re there. (And get me a tie too. )
And TJ is witing me a letter! Awe, thanks! I can’t wait to read it.

Temple dedication! Exciting!

Not much else happened, sorry if it seems short.

LOVE YOU, Dad, Mom, Matthew, Jeffrey, TJ and Robyn!
-Elder Law

P.S. Jeffrey!!!!!!


Week 23!

¡Hola Family!

So, first off, good news: Monday night last week, we had a family home evening with Italo and his Mom and brother. We taught about baptism and faith and Temples and families and the importance of baptism for our families and how with baptism we can be sealed in the Temple with our families, and it was excellent. Italo REALLY accepted to be baptized on the 27th, and his Mom was also glad about it. Whoo! He attended church yesterday and liked it, and I’m very sure he’ll progress wonderfully to his baptism next week. (Fingers crossed!)
Our other investigators… yeah, it’s like waves on a sea. They’ll get all excited to attend church, and it’ll seem like they really want to go, but then something happens and they don’t show up. Except for an investigator named Claudio (I told you about him right?). We were waiting for his wife to return from Jaen so they could get married then be baptized, and from what he’s told us his wife returned yesterday! WHOO! He’s super amazing: He’ll tell us people who he thinks could use our help, and we go to them with mostly positive results. One woman named Elva has been quite receptive.
Omero, we went to his house yesterday and he and his wife weren’t home. hmmmm……

Wow, sounds like Regional Conference was AMAZING! Was it at our stake center? I like the Atonement analogy. Just don’t be looking for a Jacket at the Copacabana Matthew. It always ends up wrong. ((Lol! I love my bro~ XD))

Jeffrey ends his mission next week! How crazy is that? How many temples are in Brazil? How many can you go to next week? 🙂 And make sure you send me some of those beans you can cook. I want to try some! (Not really, that would make them all moldy and gross and cancerous. … “It’s weird! It’s weird! AHHH!!!”)

I love you family! Thank you for your letters AND prayers!

-Elder Law #3

Week 22

I, I- Cannot BE-LIEVE IT!
(¡Hola my family that is the northern hemisphere of the world!)
JARED GOT HIS MISSION CALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! San Fernando California Mission! Wow! And he leaves in only two months? (State-side!) Is he going English speaking or Spanish? Tell him either one will be spunk-tastically amazing, and that the MTC will be fantastic! My mission is so incredible. I’ve learned so much and I’m only a few months in.

SO, this week was quite a bit better than the last week. We did teach Omero again, him and his wife together. And you know what was great? Omero’s wife, MaryLou, read more than Omero did! (that sounds kinda derogatory. Omero read too!) We didn’t even ask her directly and she dove right into it. She read more than what was “assigned” and they both really like what they’ve seen so far. They did pray, but not about the Book of Mormon. So, our last lesson with them, we got them more into the book, and they committed to read and pray together. If only they didn’t work so much, then we could meet them more often!
We’re also finding some other investigators that can progress well.
But, some sad news. Hermana Manola doesn’t want to get baptized. We try to help her see that this is the way, but she is determined to have only one baptism (she was baptised in another church). So, we’ll help her where we can. Italo knows the Book of Mormon is true, and wants to be baptized, but he told us this past week that he wants to wait until he’s 14 to be baptized. He said he needs to think about it, and his mom is encouraging him to wait and decide when he’s older. We need to help him make his decision, that now is the time (with the permission of his parents). He knows its true. We have a Noche de Hogar with his family tonight, so we’re going to talk about his decision (with love, of course).

And you all went to the Temple open house! JOY! That’s so fantastic that TJ had such a powerful experience. I know “I love to see the Temple. I’m going there some day to feel the holy spirit, to listen and to pray. The Temple is the house of God.” I should say, You love to see the Temple. You’re going there quite soon. You’ll feel the Holy Spirit, and listen and you’ll pray. The Temple is the House of God. It’s where we’re sealed together. You’ve prepared yourself while you were young (And Robyn will keep preparing!). It is your sacred duty.
Elder Worsham and I have a Temple video that we both love to watch. I copied the words of the song down because they’re amazing:
Heaven’s light flows
through the windows
warming even walls of stone.
In the refuge of the Temple,
I find strength beyond my own.

I can feel the power of heaven as I stand on holy ground,
and the Spirit whispers what I long to learn.
Eyes are touched with understanding;
I can see beyond this world.
It’s the place I reach for heaven, and it reaches in return.

Filled with purpose, filled with power.
Granted gifts to lift the world
In God’s house and in His presence, I am filled with strenth to serve.

It’s the place I reach for heaven and it reaches in return.

The Temple is AMAZING! Everyone should go this week, at least once.

I love you Family and others!
Elder Law

Oops, I thought I had forwarded Andrew’s email, but didn’t. ((Not entirely my fault this time. ;p))  Only 3 more Mondays of 2 missionary emails!!!

¿Mi Familia en los Estados Unidos (y Jeffrey)!

Yes, this past week was better. Whoo! First of all, we had two of our investigators attend church: Italo and Hna. Manola. Yay! Both of them were very close to missing the sacrament, but they both came! Italo bore his testimony in church too: It was quite simple, but very amazing! He said he knows the book of Mormon is True, because he read it one day and felt a lot of peace and joy he’d never felt before.  He has a date for the 27th this month; he wants to get baptized on his 12th birthday. And Hna. Manola really loved church. She was all smiles when she went home with another member. Now the trick will be always providing a way for her to come to church (we’re going to start working with her son so that he can help her). We also had people from a rehabilitation center in Reque attend.
We found a new investigator named Omero. He had attended the catholic church and Jehovah’s Witnesses, but didn’t really like either. Then we taught him and his wife the first lesson, and he was just drinking all of it in. Basically, he’s been prepared. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he’s going to read it. He works all day, pretty much every day except Sunday afternoon, so I really hope we’ll be able to teach him! We also found an Hermana that has met the missionaries a year ago, but because of her work schedule she could’t see them. Now she doesn’t have a job, and she’s very interested in the Book of Mormon. We’re planning on teaching her later this week. So, yeah, this past week was quite a bit different that the week before. 🙂
You should go to the Open House! Yes yes yes! I went to the Draper Open house with Dad and Loved it! Being able to see the beauty of the Temple was amazing, and it made me more excited to attend the Temple. So, yes, Go to the Open house! 😀
Matthew! Thank you for your email!! That’s great that you are back in LDC! I love performing music. So great! Unfortunately, we haven’t really shared the gospel through music, other than in church. And you’re back at UVU! Fantastic place to be. 😛 And EFY! Love! Heh, I completely forgot about my blog. How’s that coming?
Josh moved to BYU?! Holy Moo, he finished high school! That’s so wierd… Then Conor is next, and then Travis. Ah! Where’s the world going?
And BYUs football games! Fun! How’s TJ doing in Jr. High? Did he get my letter? I sent it about… two or three weeks ago, I don’t remember when. 😛
Have an AMAZING week! I love you all, Dad, Mom, Matthew, Jeffrey, Robyn and TJ!
-Elder Law

Week 21