Week 31

Twas the week of November…
… and all through Perú, not a snow storm was brewing, not even a flake.
Dear Family!

So, this week, we met with Consuelo again. We explained more about
marrage, and she commited to talk with her husband about it. ¡Puede
We also have two investigators – husband and wife who aren’t married
but are living together – who have started to make some progress. The
wife, named Lili, has been investigating the church for several years
and has read the Book of Mormon three times. She knows it’s all true,
but she won’t be baptized unless she get’s baptized with her spouse,
which they can’t untill their married. But he, Fernando, won’t be
baptized until he finds a new job (he sells beer. And he also drinks
it.). But this week they got renewed energy to work towards getting
married. Fernando hasn’t been drinking either. 😀

Wow! That’s a LOT of snow! Those branches look like they’re going to
break off. 6 inches? Has it all melted by now? haha
And Josh will put his papers in! EXCITING! I’m guessing he’ll go
foreign…. to somewhere in Europe. Or Russa. And Hunter got his call?
Already? Wow. That’s so crazy!
Happy Birthday Connor!!

Way to go with your grades TJ! Terrific A’s are TJs! Following the Law
tradition. We get As because that’s just what we do. 😀

And I checked my weight again. It did lie (thank goodness). I only
weigh 135 lbs.

Short letter today. Love you all!
Mail me some snow. 😉

Elder Law


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