Week 30

((Sorry this is late, I forgot to post it~ Matt))
Dear family that is going to have their second week in November,

So, first of all, we haven’t been able to see Sintia this past week. Nooo! Triste día. Pero, hay esperanza. We’ve got plans to see her again this week, so hopefully it’ll come through.
Secondly, we’ve been teaching a husband and wife (Osvaldo and Consuelo, diferent Osvaldo), and they’ve been interested in the Book of Mormon. We taught them about 3Nefi 11, and invited them to be baptized. They understood that it was something imprtant, but they said they aren’t merried and asked if that was something they needed before baptism. I was kinda suprised they felt they needed that. Usually people don’t think much of it. We told them we’d help them, and we will! I hope they’ll keep reading and continually feel the incredible blessings they’ll recieve from this. The ward leaders were pretty interested in how they could help them as well. Exciting!

We also had an experience on Saturday. We shared The Testaments video with a family (if you haven’t seen it, it is really really good. Watch it.), which one brother is less active and the father isn’t a member. But by the end of the video, the Holy Ghost bore a powerful witness that it was all true. The Mother was deeply touched and talked about it yesterday in her testimony. The brother was crying, and came to church yesterday as well. The father didn’t attend church, but I know he felt the Holy Ghost. I know that Christ came to the Americas, and taught the people here. The Book of Mormon bears witness of this, and I know it is true. It changes people’s hearts and their lives. Read the Book of Mormon. Every day. Punto.

That’s amazingly great that everyone is being so filled with the missionary spirit! It is the last days after all, and we all have a responsability to work in the Lord’s Vinyard (Jacob 5).

So, something funny. I recieved a ballot to vote (we got the oportunity!), and as I read over it and began filling it out, I thought of what would happen if Obama was president. (People have told me that he’s winning slightly against Romney). Then I looked at my ballot, and realized that I filled in his oval. LOL! Well, so much for voting. I can’t get a new ballot before… Today, so I’ll send my vote in by prayer mail. Go ROMNEY!

And then something that’s maybe funny, but a bit more shocking. I checked my weight a few days ago, and… I’ve gained weight. But more than I thought. It said I weigh 63 kl., and thats… 140 pounds. I hope it lied, because that means I’ve gained about 25 pounds. Which is a lot.

Sorry, my time is all up!
Something in my package….. umm… I don’t know. I need to know this in advance! Um, Peach/Apple rings? And a picture of the Temple. AAAnnnnddd…. a picture of the family. And the rest is up to you.

Love you family!
Have a fantastic spirit filled week!
-Elder Law

P.S. TJ, Orchestra is great! Enjoy it!! And way to teach FHE Robyn!


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