Week 29

¡Hola! The Law famililia en los Estados Unidos.

First, before I say anything else, holy snap. That is one fancy incredible FIREPLACE!!  Wow! Is it marble, and real fire? It’s so big! and it looks all October-y!
The cubard doors on the floor – do they still open? It doesn’t look like they can, the ones closest to the fireplace. And we’ve still got Chewy! Happy Day. But what are you going to do about a missing Beatrice?
Robyn! You look so different!! And you’re so much taller! Wow.
Okay, now to what happened this week. We didn’t have a baptism. We had TWO baptisms!  Osvaldo got baptized, and a young boy named Tomas as well. The Bishop baptized them. Osvaldo has quite the strong testimony after investigating the church for more than 8 months. He was pretty happy after the service, and I was quite happy on Sunday when they both recieved the Holy Ghost! It is going to help them both so much in their lives. 😀
We’ve also got an investigator named Luis who is investigating the church. We found him just a few days after I got here. We told him about the book of Mormon and he said he wants to read it to see if it’s really true. We haven’t seen him a few days since then, and I hope he’s followed through with his commitment.
We also met a new investigator named Sintia. When we met her (in her house), we started talking about the church and the Book of Mormon, then her husband came home and he was drunk silly. We left shortly thereafter. BUT, we didn’t leave without giving her a Book of Mormon. I felt that I should hand it to her as we left, and I told her that it would help and bless her life. When we returned next, she said she’d been reading it, and that it was very interesting, but we didn’t teach more because her husband was home again. I really hope that we can see her again this week!
On another note, it snowed at home! Wow. You got a nice excuse to use the fireplace. 🙂
That’s an amazing story with Monara(?)! Are you and Dad going to submit your mission papers? Or wait until you can tour Perú with me? 😉
Jared left on his mission?! Tell him I say good bye and good luck and that He will do AWESOME!
I love you all!
Have an amazing week, and a great Halloween! Have fun with the new fireplace. Don’t get burned. 🙂
-Elder Law


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