Week 28

Dear amazingly fantastic family,

And my new area is….. Pátapo, about 30 minutes north of Chiclayo. It has huge feilds of sugar cane, and to harvest it they burn gaint feilds of it. Then it starts to rain flakes of ash. It’s pretty cool here! Our area is huge, and it’s all city, so we’ll have lots of working to do. And something else new: It RAINED! THREE TIMES! Talk about different. It didn’t rain super hard, but nonetheless, it did rain. I think we’re going into the rainy season. 😛
My new companion is Elder Velarde. He’s got quite a bit of time on his mission (20 meses). 🙂 He’s pretty cool, very social, so that’s good. He’s from Perú.
Something more: We’ve got a baptism date this saturday! Osvaldo, 64 años, is going to be baptized. He’s been investigating the church for over 8 months, and firmly accepted the date to be baptized.
It’s definately hard leaving an area. Reque was excellent, and I got to know the members, my companion and the other Elders. But now I’ve been called here by the Lord, so I need to Put my Shoulder to the Wheel.
And-BEATRICE DIED?!?! That’s so sad! She lived a very long excellent life, full of excitement, bird chasing, and learning how to live with dogs. I’m sure she’s up in heaven talking all about it with Sandy, or other cats she knows. That’s good she got burried next to Sandy. Give Robyn a hug for me.
And what is THIS about a fireplace in the Family room?! Talk about something new! I’m excited to see what my suprise will be. 
But the picture you sent doesn’t come up. Can you send me a new one? And one of the backyard. I need to see that too.
And to answer your question: Yes, I exercize every day. 🙂 I’ve also gained weight while I was in Reque, but I don’t know how much.
Tell everyone hello! And give hugs to people! Tell Beatrice I say good bye.
Love you Mom and Dad and Jeffrey and Matthew and TJ and Robyn and the Cousins and Aunts and Uncles and Grandparents and Friends too!
-Elder Law

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