Week 27

¡Hello mi familia!

So, this week was interesting. We had the baptism of Manola, sorta. We prepared everything (our first without a nice problem preparing), and had nice attendance. We started, and everything was going fine. But then came time for the ordinance. The water was cold, and she being old and frail, was not very… “comfortable” to say the least. We put a chair in the water to help her: She could sit down, then lean back and we’d be good. The prayer was given, but her foot left the water when she was submerged. So, we tried again, this time without the chair. She kneeled down on a step going into the font, and would be lowered into the water. But again, she wasn’t completely submerged (she came up just before she entered completely). Long story short, we tried again without luck. By this time, she was cold, her back hurt, and she simply wanted to leave the water. We didn’t have the baptism. Bad planning on our part. I hope that Elder Mita will be able to baptize her in the future, because, I’m changing my area.

We got called last night, I’m leaving Reque. But that’s all I know, we don’t get told anything else, unless you’re going to train, but I’m not. So, it’ll be interesting. 🙂 My first area, three transfers, two companions. Sí, va a ser interesante después mañana.

Sounds like, “We’ve got a Birthday shout horray! HOORAY!!!” Happy Birthday Dad! That’s great that everyone was able to get together and be all happy and dandy. Elder Mita is going to have his birthday on the 29, and Elder Worsham’s birthday is on the 24th, AND, there’s a member here who’s birthday was on the 16th too! ¿Super mes de Feliz Cumpleños! How’s Novarad? Did they give you a cake? Cake is always good.

Sorry if my letter is short, but, like mom, my brain feels like mush right now.

Everyone have a fantastic week! Happy Birthday Tomorrow Dad!! Put a candle on the cake for me.

Elder Law


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