Week 23!

¡Hola Family!

So, first off, good news: Monday night last week, we had a family home evening with Italo and his Mom and brother. We taught about baptism and faith and Temples and families and the importance of baptism for our families and how with baptism we can be sealed in the Temple with our families, and it was excellent. Italo REALLY accepted to be baptized on the 27th, and his Mom was also glad about it. Whoo! He attended church yesterday and liked it, and I’m very sure he’ll progress wonderfully to his baptism next week. (Fingers crossed!)
Our other investigators… yeah, it’s like waves on a sea. They’ll get all excited to attend church, and it’ll seem like they really want to go, but then something happens and they don’t show up. Except for an investigator named Claudio (I told you about him right?). We were waiting for his wife to return from Jaen so they could get married then be baptized, and from what he’s told us his wife returned yesterday! WHOO! He’s super amazing: He’ll tell us people who he thinks could use our help, and we go to them with mostly positive results. One woman named Elva has been quite receptive.
Omero, we went to his house yesterday and he and his wife weren’t home. hmmmm……

Wow, sounds like Regional Conference was AMAZING! Was it at our stake center? I like the Atonement analogy. Just don’t be looking for a Jacket at the Copacabana Matthew. It always ends up wrong. ((Lol! I love my bro~ XD))

Jeffrey ends his mission next week! How crazy is that? How many temples are in Brazil? How many can you go to next week? 🙂 And make sure you send me some of those beans you can cook. I want to try some! (Not really, that would make them all moldy and gross and cancerous. … “It’s weird! It’s weird! AHHH!!!”)

I love you family! Thank you for your letters AND prayers!

-Elder Law #3


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