Week 20

Dearest most best-est familia!

Is it just me, or did we all have… interesting weeks this past week? Julia has still been avoiding us. Hermana Ana, that we taught last week, wasn’t home when we’d go teach. Humberto was doing good, but he didn’t show up at church yesterday. Manola thought that yesterday was Saturday so she wasn’t ready for church when we went to her house. Italo – he didn’t really want to go to church (but he did come ), and Norma was busy yesterday morning. So, yeah. Satan is really working hard here! It’s because it’s so incredibly important that we teach and convert these people! We’ve all got to ignore those whisperings (of Satan, that is)!

Elder Worsham shared saying with me, “Before our missions, a one dollar bill wasn’t all that important. Now we’re here, and Every Sole (Soul) is precious.” See the double meaning? I’m understanding more and more of the importance of missionary work, and I hope I can be the instrument Heavenly Father needs me to be. We’re going to “put our shoulder to the wheel” and focus on our investigators this week.

And, like what Jeffrey said, “a ray of light!” Yoel’s dad, José has been really interested in the church lately. We went to teach him one time, and he said he just feels really good every time we go teach him. We explained that this is the Holy Ghost and that he can always have this amazing gift through baptism. He accepted baptism, but wants to be baptized in December when the rest of his family will be together again. I really want to help him understand that if he prepares for baptism now, he can be ready to baptize his family in December. We’ve also been teaching the cousin of Yoel, Manuel, who knows a whole lot of the Bible.

We live kinda close to the beach. It’s about 30 minutes to an hour to the beach that we go to. There are four of us in our cuarto: Myself, Elder Mita, Elder Worsham and his companion Elder Nina.

Oh, and Elder Mita has a question: How much are the Twistable Crayola colored pencils? He wants to get some. 😛
Make AMAZINGLY FANTASTIC French Toast Jeffrey!

Love all of you!
-Elder Law


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