Week 18~


First: Humberto recieved the Holy Ghost yesterday in Church. Yay! Every time I see him, he’s smiling. He looks so much happier now that his baptism is complete. 🙂
We haven’t been able to meet with Andrez or his brother Robinson at all this past week. Every cita we have falls though! 😦 Sad day. But we’re not going to give up! As my companion says, “We are going to burn them… with Scriptures!”

We were finally able to meet with a woman named Jovanna on Friday. We contacted her about 3 weeks ago, and she was interested in what we had to share, but she was never home every time we went to check on her. She has a very hectic schedule, going to school and working. That is, until Friday. She said she had 10 minutes, so we prayed and started. Immediately, the Spirit guided us to teach about the Book of Mormon. Jovanna was astonished that such a book exists. She’d never heard of anything but the bible. We have scripture from biblical times of people who lived here, in the Americas? She asked questions and wanted to know more during the lesson. Holy Ghost had pressed upon her soul, and she accepted the commitment to read what we assigned her (3 Nephi 11). When we asked when we could return, she said, “In two weeks” then paused, and said, “Come back next Saturday.” I really hope she reads!
The Book of Mormon has the power to change people’s lives, and has a greater affect on people’s souls than any other book in the world. I know it’s true!

That’s fun that we’ve got Peruvians in our ward! Tell them I said “Hi.” 🙂
Matthew was Spencer’s best man? That’s awesome! Tell Spencer “Congradulations!” But why hasn’t Matthew written me? Come on Matthew! I’ve even given you topics to write about. I’m just down here in Peru, and you’re just up there in Utah, and I’m like, “Hey, where’s a letter from Matthew?”

And TJ: you’re starting Jr. High!! AH! I remember the night before I started Jr. High. I was pretty scared. But I talked with Mom and felt a lot better afterwards. Jr. High is pretty different, but it’s fun. Mr. Beck is amazing! You’ll do great starting Jr. High TJ. 🙂

I love all of you! Love LOVE LOVE!
-Elder Law #3

P.S. I got the package! CANDY! Mana from heaven! And you put it in a large yellow “folder” thing. You must have talked with another mom, mom, to know that using those helps them ship faster. Thank-you!!


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