Week 17

Hello my amazingly fantastic family at Home!

This past week, Elder Mita and I worked a lot more with members in the ward. We’ve had family home evenings, and lessons with members. We taught a part member family. The father is less active and none of the others are members. We taught them part of the plan of salvation, and the parents came to church yesterday! YES! I was pretty excited to see them attend.We’re going to focus a lot on this family. The wife’s name is Sujey. She’s Catholic, but she was quite receptive to he message we gave her.
Humberto was baptized on Saturday! Whoo! BUT, he didn’t come to church yesterday to recieve the Holy Ghost! NOO! We called and went to his house and knocked for ten minutes, but he wasn’t home. (vamos a enfocar en él también)
Andrez is still pretty happy. He didn’t come to church, but he’s still interested. His brother, named Robinson, is quite the miracle. We taught him solo. The lesson was very powerful, and the Holy Ghost bore powerful testimony of Joseph Smith and the Church. We asked him what he will do with this information: just know it, or live it? He said, “I want to live it. I want to have a good life.” We set a date to teach him again, and I hope and pray that he’s read and prayed about Joseph Smith and the Chruch.
I know the church is true. Why would something that changes people’s lives, makes people happy and joyful, helps them serve others, forgive and be forgiven be a lie? It’s not possible. For wickedness never was happiness. But in Christ, all things are possible. He is the light and the life of the world, and through him, we live. I know the Book of Mormon is true. It is the word of God and contains the converting power to propell people into a new life, one of peace and saftey.
Mom, Dad, when was the last time you watched the video, “Finding Faith in Christ” as a family? I challenge you to watch it, and invite a Malia and her family over as well. Share your testimony. We have a promise from Elder Holland, an apostle of God, that if we listen with love, the Spirit will guide your words.

The Olympics are ALWAYS fun! But, like Jeffrey, I don’t get to watch them. Gymnastics are the best! (That and synchronized diving.)
I got my package! Kinda. It’s sitting at the Zone Leader’s appartment. But I’m sure once I get it I’ll be very excited!

I love you all! Have an amazing olympic week!
– Elder Law #3


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