Week 16

¡Buenos Días mi Familia! (well, more like buenos tardes, but oh well)

My new companion is Elder Mita from Bolivia. He’s got nine months in his mission, and he’s excited to work in Reque. Whoo! Vamos a trabajar.

Humberto attended church yesterday! Yes. He’s got a plan to be baptized this Saturday. YOU CAN DO IT HUMBERTO!
We found un joven with 14 years this past week. We knocked on his door, he answered, and I could just tell, right away, he was ready to hear the message that we have. Andrez said he likes to know what God’s will is, and what religion is true. WOW! We taught him and he easily accepted everything we taught. He’s got a baptism planned in the next few weeks.

I was reading the General Conference Liahona today, (we got them! Joy!) and I know that General Conference is designed of God to send messages that his children need to hear all around the globe in these days. I encourage all of you, at home and others who will receive this email (and everyone else too), to read or listen to or watch messages from Conference. You’ll be surprised what truth you find in latter-day scriptures.
(Matthew, might I suggest you try reading the talks in Thai?)

The basement got flooded? Again?! Poor TJ’s room. That room has been flooded, what, three or four times now? That’s great that you got help drying it all out. Helping hands are happy hands!

Elder Connelly is in my zone. We see each other twice a week. He told me he recognized me from somewhere before, and I asked him where he lived. He said Utah, and then we somehow got on the topic of K-C, and we found out that yes, we have seen each other before. Interesting, no? I haven’t meet Elder Peterson yet, though.

I love you all! Love you Mom, Dad, Matthew, Jeffrey, TJ and Robyn!
Have an amazing week, and thank you for your emails!
Elder Law #3


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