Week 15

Dear Family,

6 weeks have passed in the mission! Crazy! My Papà, Elder Almanza, was an excellent companion. I was sad to see him leave today at the airport, but I’m also excited to work hard with my next companion.
First, last week we contacted a family out on the main Plaza aquì. We started talking to them, and then the father said that he had prayed about what might be after this life but didn’t receive an answer. I thought, “You did WHAT??!! PLAN OF SALVATION!” We both bore short, powerful testimonies about the Plan, and other truths about the Gospel, and they were very receptive to what we told them. I am very excited to be able to teach them this week.
Medaly was struggling last week. She said she does not want to be baptized until later. It’s sad because she knows all of the lessons, she knows it’s all true, but she wants to delay her baptism. 😦
Jeffrey, I wore the Brazil Jersey a few times, and una vez, un persona fue pretty excited that I was wearing it. Just so you know. 🙂
Can you send me Skylar’s talk, as well as mine as well as your talk mom from April? I never got your talk from you. 🙂
I’m sorry my letter is so short!
I love you all! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
-Elder Law
P.S. TJ, I forgot to tell you that Ben Diez is pretty popular down here. 🙂

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