Week 11! (12? probably 12, skipped a week)

My Family! ¡Hola! ¿Còmo esta?

That’s crazy about all the wild fires and floods. Yeah, sounds pretty last-days-y to me. Interesante… It’s been really nice here. It feels like spring Utah weather: Great during the day, and cool at night. 🙂

It was Elder Almanza’s Birthday last week on the 30th! He’s 21. We’ve been eating cake right at left. One of the members in the ward baked a cake for us and it was DIVINE – literally “right out of the oven” fresh. I’ve been eating a lot, says my companion, Which is good. … Right? 🙂
The Cuy (I spelled it wrong last week) was prepared like chicken, yes. But no, it did not taste like chicken, and no, it was not de-boned. Pero, Esta bien! At the member’s house that we ate at, the head of the house tried to make sure I knew what I was eating. I guess I didn’t make myself clear enough that I did, so he ran back in his house and came back with a live ginypig. He held it up to me and said, “This! This is what you’re eating.” “Oh! Okay!” It was pretty funny, thinking back on it. 🙂

Yoel came to church yesterday! JOY!! He’s been progressing a lot. He reads all the stuff we assign him, and is making friends at church. His baptism is set for next week on the 8th, a Sunday. His dad, Josè (non-member) wanted to attend the baptism, so we’re having it right before church. He’s been in all of the lessons so far, to know what his son is being taught, so I’m pretty sure we’ll extend the commitment to be baptised as well. Don’t see why not.

Julia and Diego did not attend church. Julia is usually not at home when we try to teach her, so it’s difficult getting a lesson in. But, we’ll keep trying to meet her and help her the best we can for her baptism. Humberto isn’t attending church either. He works all night 7 days a week, and sleeps during the day, so he’s exhausted when it comes time for church. Attend attend attend! ¡Puede puede puede!

Happy Birthday Grandpa Norman! It’s exciting to hear your book has been published! I’ll have to tell my mission president. What’s the title of the book?

Love you family! Thank you for your email dad! Make sure the tank doesn’t die again. By the sound of it, I think it got… well… neglected….. again. Sounds like Jeffrey’s doing fantastic! Keep it up Elder Law!

-Elder Law #3


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