Week 10

¡Mi Familia!
I can not believe it! We didn’t have Julia’s baptizm. Julia, wasn’t home at all this last week for us to work with her for her baptizm. We will work with her more these coming weeks to get a new date set. She hasn’t been attending church either though. 😦
Julia has a grandson who we’ve been teaching as well. His name is Diego, and he is 10 years old. We are going to teach him and his family, and, now that his Father is back home, he can ask for permission to be baptized.
Yoel, who I told about last week, is a new investigator. I thought he’d been taught the lessons, but nope! He just showed up to church last week, and we’ve been teaching him since. He’s 16. He’s been reading the Book of Mormon and says he feels good about the gospel. Now he just needs to attend church, keep reading and praying and he’ll be happy! You can do it Yoel!
Okay, so this last week, we were in our house listening to music my Companion has on his iPod. Then a certain song started playing, and I stopped. I waited a few moments, and heard clogging in the background. My companion has River Dance music on his iPod! THAT brought back so many memories. Jeffrey and Matthew: Remember when we would try to match the dance of those three guys in the show? Haha, fun times. TJ and Robyn: You should watch it. It’s chevre. 😀
How’s the fish tank holding up Dad? Are the fish lively and choral is growing like it’s in the garden of Eden? 😉
On Saturday, we did some service for a lady in the ward (I think). We went out to one of her fields of chakra, and cut the stalks and hauled them back to her house with her donkey. It was cool being able to do some legit farming: using a syth. (I didn’t get to use it though. I just hauled the stalks to the cart.)
I also got to eat some Cui last week. Cui is Guinnie Pig. It tasted really good! It’s sweeter than chicken, not as tough as beef, but not quite like Pork. It’s just Cui. Which is good.
I love you all! A LOT! Love LOVE LOVE!
(I was off tune on purpose, but then went on tune Mom! Perfectly cool chord! ;D)
-Elder Law

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