Week 6, More Pictures!

Hola from Peru!
So, on Saturday, we went proselyting in Central Lima again. We went to follow-up on the two women we taught last week, but neither of them were home. So then we ended up doing some trackting. We didn’t have any book of mormons we could give out to people, but we did have some panflets. Elder Aranya and I street contacted some people. People sitting on benches are a great target: they can’t run away when you start talking to them. ūüėÄ We contacted one lady in the street who, at first, seemed drawn back, like she didn’t want to talk to us. By the end of our little visit, she seemed to have a light to her. it was quite the experience.
¬†I leave the CCM in three weeks. Yep, in three weeks, I’ll be out in the field, up in Chiclayo, doing LEGIT proselyting. The other Latino Elders, and all Americans not in my district, left to the field yesterday. I get a new latino companion for the next three weeks: Elder Molina. We haven’t been able to converse yet because we’ve got our own schedules today.
My district and I went out and took a tour of Lima Central today. It was quite fantastic. We visited the museum down here and saw some pretty cool Peru stuff, then went to a “bazzar” where we got sachels and coin pouches. Coins are a pretty big thing down here. Unlike¬†the US¬†where coins aren’t worth hardly anything, their coins have got worth: instead of getting¬†bills for 1, 2 or 5 Soles,¬†I’ve got coins. I haven’t seen any bills below 10 solaces yet. The Pizza Hut down here is fantastic. Unlike gross american Pizza Hut,¬†it’s amazing Peruvian Pizza Hut¬†quality,¬†and¬†it doesn’t have any¬†greese.
Love you family!
-Elder Law #3
P.S. Here are some pictures.

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