Week 3

So, I’m in Peru! I was excited to get to sit next to a non-member and talk to them about the Book of Mormon and all that, but on both flights, the person I sat next to was a member. What are the odds? One guy served his mission in Texas, and the other woman lives in Utah and is visiting her family in Peru. We got to the MTC at 2:00 this morning with a few other missionaries from Mexico.
Lima is pretty interesting. It’s like a mix between old run-down buildings/cars and new schnazzy buildings/cars. Kinda like how oil “mixes” with water, that’s what it seems like down here. At least at first glance.
Sorry Mom! I didn’t write a letter while I was in Atlanta. I’ll have to get one written and mail it to you as soon as possible.
I’m sorry I’m not writing much. I’ll prepare more next week on P-Day.
I know Joseph Smith is a Prophet, and I know that he restored the church in these days. He translated the Book of Mormon through the direction of God.
The Church is a message of Joy and happiness! So, “Work hard, love, and laugh a lot.”
Happy Birthday Mom! Love you so much!
-Elder Law


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