Weekly Email – #1

Hola Familia!
Sorry, I’m sending an email from another Elder’s account. Mine is having a seizure.
The MTC is quite stink’n amazing. I love it here! The Sunday Devotional was fantastic. Elder Bednar spoke, and something he said hit me really hard. When Joseph saw God and Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father said, “Joseph, This is my Beloved Son! Hear Him!” That phrase really hit me, the incredible truth in it is… incredible. But, really, think about the amazing truth of this. Tell me what you find. 🙂

My Companion is Elder Perry. He’s VERY social, and cracks jokes a. lot. He enjoys singing in the showers and quoting music/movies all the time. He’s fantastic. We did a practice lesson yesterday to improve our “asking questions.” It was the first time we really just clicked together when teaching. He asked perfect questions, leading up to the perfect opportunity for me to jump in and teach about the Plan of Salvation. LOVE!

The other two Elders in our room are Elder Cornia and Elder Roddy. They’re pretty sweet. (And, by the way, no one talked the first day. We all slept)

Spanish is funky. But I know that God will bless me with the Gift of Tounges.

I’m out of time! LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you for the letters and the package! Thanks Robyn! I don’t use the blanket, but I appreciate the thought. 😀

-Elder Law


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